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Sticky Wicky

The Sticky Wicky game and sporting articles were invented by Peter Dodds. It all started while sitting around with mates talking about old days in the backyard – cricket dominated the conversation. Soon everyone was sharing their backyard set up for the game and reminiscing about lost balls in the pool, in the garden and over the fence. Everyone had experimented with upturned trampolines, bed sheets over fences, wheelie bins side by side – anything to contain the game. Wouldn’t it be great to have a backstop for backyard cricket?

Good idea but how?
The concept expanded rapidly incorporating the shape, velcro elements and graphic print- a Sticky Wicky! Over a period of 15 years many prototypes graced the Dodds family backyard. All versions have undergone rigorous testing by their 4 children. More recent prototypes have been tested under the most severe of conditions – twin boys. Development was slow but steady…

In 2010, with the support of his family and friends, Peter took a leap of faith and brought his idea to life. The Sticky Wicky range of fun family friendly cricket gear has been embraced by Aussies from coast to coast.

The family owned company is now 5 years old and going strong. 
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